AnnaMaria Cammilli


From the city of Florence, the cradle of art and beauty, AnnaMaria Cammilli offers a unique style of jewelry with exclusive designs. A special finish enhances the depth of the original forms and special glossy matte effects render these jewels to unique masterpieces.

Like all brands that have their own style, one can recognize a Cammilli piece without reading its label, only by its amazing design, that is always inspired by nature and expresses itself best thru special and unexpected gold color effects, such as orange apricot or the sophisticated natural beige or the pink champagne. A point of reference on the international modern design scene, Cammilli is the only company in the world that offers collections in six different colors of gold, obtained by special alloys, the result of 30y of experimentation of the Maison's master Florentine goldsmiths.